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Mosque Project

The conceptual design project by Burçin Dinler is a modern house of worship complex laid out within a city square comprising of a modern mosque and additional buildings designed separately for a soup kitchen, library, an educational center and accommodations for staff members. With the number eight in Islam influencing Mr. Dinler’s design, an octagonal sky dome canopy surrounds the entire structure. Below the dome, there is an octagonal prayer hall designed with the open ceiling to emphasize sky diety. Mr. Dinler’s unique prayer hall design welcomes worshipers to enter the space through four cardinal directions inspired by the great mystical poet Rumi’s love and honor of all religious traditions. Moreover, the project design includes four obelisk influenced minarets. These minarets, while creating a symmetry around the structure, also symbolize the enigma of the number “four” in Islam. In example: four great angels, four great caliphs and four denominations in religion. These minarets rise from the reflecting pools that surround the main building like four monuments ready to become a part of the local cultural memory.

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